Message From an Angel

After a day of filming video blogs with my speaking partner Freddie I went to bed early, resting after some great discussions and fun laughs. As I always do before I drifted off to sleep I said a prayer telling God everything I am thankful for and asking for guidance in my life. That night I had a dream of a family party where my cousin, Amy, was telling me about how much she was enjoying my videos. She talked about how she thought it was great that I was spreading my spirit of positivity but wished I would wear shirts that had a message like when I wore my, “Impossible is Nothing”shirt. You can call it a coincidence but I believe that it was my Aunt Shell speaking through the form of one of her daughters to let me know that what I’m doing is making a difference. She was also trying to give me advice on how I can inspire people in an even deeper way. I’m so glad that I have my guardian angel looking out for me. I love you Aunt Shell!


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