Everything Happens for a Reason

Waking up this morning I checked my social media outlets as I always do to see what’s going on in the world and with my friends. I was pleased to see that I had a notification on Facebook that Freddie had tagged me in his post “Robert” on Freddiesilveria.com. Freddie talked about a man he met at the gym named Robert, who was in a wheelchair, and how working and interacting with me influenced how he approached this man. Robert’s attitude throughout Freddie’s story reminded me a lot of my own attitude when I don’t think I need help. 

I have had a story in my life very similar to the one in Freddie’s post but mine was from the other perspective. At a banquet for the De La Salle football team my senior year in high school, the head coach, Bob Ladouceur, got up and gave a speech about the most inspirational player on the team. I was friends with all the guys on the team so as the speech went on I was trying to guess who he was talking about. As the speech continued I began to realize he was talking about me and instantly began crying because I never knew the impact I had on a coach that I didn’t even think knew my name. In his speech, Coach Lad talked about the first time he saw me on campus and thought how great it would be if he could help me in some way.  As I approached a closed door coach Lad saw his opportunity. He ran to get the door but I had said, “no I got it!” I pushed it open myself zooming away on my scooter to class. Coach Lad was confused and thought that maybe I was just having a bad day. He got another opportunity a few days later when he saw me going towards another closed door, but again I said, “no I got it!” I bulled my way through another door. Coach Lad then understood that it was part of my spirit to do everything I can for myself and ask for help only when I truly needed it. 

Everything in our life does happen for a reason and sometimes we can’t understand what the reason is until later. People like Freddie and Coach Lad are important for people like Robert and me because they’ll offer needed help when not asked for and be the first one to volunteer when we do ask. 


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