Who’s ready for Christmas?

We have been preparing for it since before Halloween and it’s almost here.  Yes that’s right, I’m talking about Christmas. It is crazy what the Christmas holiday has become and how we have come to overlook the true message the holiday is made to represent.  First we have Black Friday, an event that the autocorrect on my computer just capitalized because it’s so important.  This day truly shocks me because the day after we give thanks for everything that God has blessed us with we go  out and bruise and fight each other to save $10 on a pair of shoes.  Even as we move passed Black Friday into the Christmas season the behavior of people just gets worse when it comes to shopping.  I was in a store with my dad the other day and two ladies in front of us started arguing about who was in line first.  After a little while one lady stormed off angry about something so pointless.  These ladies were so stressed out by the holidays that they let it effect their attitudes and outlook on the day. 

Later on that day me and my dad were in a different store buying a few presents for my mom and sister.  Being that we are two men out trying to make sense of women’s fashion, we were looking for all the help that we could get.  As me and my dad we discussing color options, John, a fellow shopper and man who obviously saw our confusion said, “I’d go with your first choice.”  We started to talk to John and I began telling him about my recent graduation from Saint Mary’s College and my goals to become an inspirational speaker.  He was impressed by this this and wanted to show my blog to his son to get him motivated towards his goals. John, I hope my blog helps and that you keep up your positive attitude and pass it along to your son as well. Merry Christmas!  To finish my post for today, I want to remind everybody that Christmas isn’t about gifts or santa but it’s about the celebration of Jesus’ birth. That is the best gift we could possibly receive. 


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