Making Connections

Too often in todays world people are caught up in their phones or too busy listening to music in public areas to make a connection to the people around them.  I was talking with my friend Freddie the other day about how it is easy for us to just sit down with anybody and start up a conversation.  We believe that this is one of the reasons that we were able to be successful during our time at Saint Mary’s College .  I told Freddie that I used to join random conversations in the middle by just jumping in and agreeing with someone.  Most times it would be a boyfriend/girlfriend conversation that I felt could use a random third party assistance in making a decision.  In my mind this benefitted everyone; the two people I joined will have no more conflict, if they take my advice, and I would have made two new friends.

By being so friendly with everyone on campus, I became popular throughout different groups of people.  One day as I was walking back from a class with my friend Giuliana when she expressed her frustration with me.  She said she was upset that everyone always says hi to me and doesn’t say hi to her.  She made it a goal of hers to beat me in the amount of people that say hi to either of us in our short walk back to our dorms.  I think she might have even won a couple of times, but I claimed she started texting her friends to come out along our path and say hi only to her in order to win.

With the growth of technology in the world today paired with the fact that people fearful of having a different opinion, good communication skills are becoming a rare thing.  One of the main reasons I have been successful in my life is my ability to communicate effectively with the people around me.  Whether it be having to ask somebody to help me open a door, or reach something high on a shelf, or even something as simple as helping me tie my shoes; my communication skills and ability to make a connection with the people around me have paved the path for my success.


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