Meet Alex

My name is Alex Levesque, I am 24 years old and a graduate from St. Mary’s College of California. I am aspiring to be an inspirational/motivational speaker. I have physical disabilities that have made me look at life differently, and given me a new perspective on achieving my dreams. I have attended private schools wi th little to no accommodations for my disabilities. I persevered and showed that it is not the physical ability of the person that determines success, but rather the willingness and drive to achieve ones goals. I hope to show the world that despite obstacles, anything is possible if you are willing to work hard to achieve your goals. I hope to share my motto of “Impossible Is Nothing” with the world.

Everyone struggles at some point in his or her life with identity. People will always find out who they are, it just may take longer for some than others. In the end you are just trying to find out the truth about yourself and where you fit into the big picture in the world. It is important not to let appearance or other people’s views influence you into thinking you do not fit in. I never let doubt from the world around me influence my decisions in life. In God’s plan there is a place for everyone, and everyone has a purpose.

Identity has also been a big issue for me as a person. Most people look at identity and immediately come up with sexual orientation, race, or gender. These were not my issues with Identity. I did not fit into the general mold that my peers in school did. I have physical disabilities that can be seen in my outward appearance. These physical disabilities made it hard for me to find my identity while growing up, because they added another dimension to my search. Growing up is hard enough trying to identify with your peers and finding out who you are and where you fit in. Adding an extra challenge to this makes it even more difficult for me to adapt to my disabilities and become confident in the person I am today.

Below is a video from my high school days where I began to really identify with who I was and what type of message I could bring to other people.

Take time to read my answers and respond yourself.

Four names I go by:

1. Big Al

2. Goose

3. Hard A

4. Legend

Four places I have lived:

1. Martinez, CA

2. Pleasant hill, CA



Four things I love to watch on TV:

1. The office

2. The flash

3. Sports (Giants⚾️, 49ers🏈, Warriors🏀)

4. Supergirl

Four places I have visited:

Italy soon but not yet

1. Hawaii

2. Mexico

3. Alaska

4. Texas

Four things I love to eat:

1. Nachos

2. Steak

3. Pasta

4. Fried chicken

Four people I hope will respond and play along:

1. Everyone


3 thoughts on “Meet Alex

  1. Hi Alex,
    Your day with us at Christ the King on Holy Thursday was perfect. You touched everyone and made the whole message of the Gospel real. I hope you know how very important you are to us all. I have notes for you from the 7th graders, so if you send me your email address, I will get them to you.
    Much love and many blessings from Carol Alonso

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