The Brotherhood

A few nights ago I was given the opportunity to speak at my old high school. Coach Alumbaugh, the head coach of the De La Salle football team heard about my goal to become an inspirational speaker and thought that his team could use some inspiration before their big game. As I always do with my speaking opportunities, I prepared a speech that I feel relates to my audience, practiced it adding a few changes and delivered it the night of the event. The story of my life usually leaves people with questions so I give time at the end to answer any question the audience has. After finishing the question portion of my speech something amazing happened; every boy on the team lined up at shake my hand and tell me, “thank you.” One of the boys even stopped to talk about a member of his family and a struggle that he was dealing with at home. I went to their game the next night to cheer them on. I noticed that these young men in high school took every word I said to heart and worked as a team to win a very tough game. I am so proud of my Spartan brothers; not only because they won the game, but because they relied on each other to do it. They made sure that the brotherhood that I experienced during my time at De La Salle stayed alive and continues to be a big part of the school. 


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