New Angel in Heaven

Today when I opened up Facebook my heart sank and I immediately felt sad for my friend Freddie. If you have been watching the videos of “The Alex and Freddie Show” over the past year, you have heard many stories about Freddie’s mom and her struggles after a bad car accident many years ago. You are also likely to have heard the love and pride in Freddie’s voice as he talked about her. The post I saw on Facebook this morning was Freddie saying that his mom passed away. After Freddie’s mom was in the car accident, Freddie became a care-taker for her. He made sure that if his mom needed him he would be there for her.  No matter what time of the day or night it was or what he had going on, he would be there if she called. Even though I never met his mom I felt a connection to her because the relationship she had with Freddie reminded me a lot of my connection with my parents. That is one of the connections that make our partnership so unique. We have both perspectives of the patient/caretaker relationship. As both my parents and Freddie know, it’s not the physical ability of the person that makes them special but the personality and love they share with those around them. Even though it is tragic for all of us here on earth to lose somebody we love, it is the greatest thing for the person that has passed. They now get to go enjoy the beauty of heaven and watch you as you live your life with love and happiness the way they taught you. 


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